Coronavirus Leaves Bay Area Food Banks Hungry For Volunteers

Tim Ryan
March 18, 2020 - 4:53 pm

The coronavirus pandemic and the Bay Area’s shelter-in-place orders have caused a huge drop in volunteers at food banks like The Second Harvest of San Mateo and Santa Clara Counties, which provides food for more than a quarter million people each month.

Often 100 or more people usually show up at a huge warehouse in San Jose and San Carlos to sort and pack food. A lot of these volunteers are employees at big companies. 

Second Harvest CEO Leslie Bacho told KCBS Radio that number has dropped to fewer than 20. 

“Right now, we are looking for volunteers,” Bacho said. “We are also of course looking for financial support because we are having to hire temporary staff just to help us continue to meet the need.”

With so many out of work, the foods needs are rising.

Second Harvest says it is making changes to ensure a healthy work environment by maintaining social distancing within its operations.

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