Suspected Arrested For Alleged Attacks On Highway 101 Drivers

Matt Bigler
January 24, 2020 - 10:36 am
Prunedale resident Charles Lafferty was arrested in connection with projectile attacks on Highway 101

California Highway Patrol Coastal Division


A suspect accused of terrorizing drivers and smashing car windows on Highway 101 for nearly a year has been arrested. 

Charles Lafferty, 53, of Prunedale has been charged for allegedly using a slingshot and marbles to strike vehicles in Monterey County for 11 months. 

Authorities had been frustrated in their attempts to catch the culprit who'd launched the projectiles. Lafferty was connected to the spree after the California Highway Patrol say they tracked his GMC pickup from one such incident this month. 

“We believe Mr. Lafferty used a slingshot, as well as glass marbles, to commit these crimes,” said CHP Central Coast Chief L.D. Maples.

Prosecutors claim to have evidence to charge Lafferty with 10 of the 69 total attacks. He was held on charges of hrowing objects at vehicles, assault with a deadly weapon and possessing a silencer, according to KPIX

 “We feel really fortunate that there wasn’t greater injury, and that the arrest was made before there was a much more serious injury,” said Monterrey County Supervisor John Phillips. “It was just a matter of time.”

Five people in total were injured during the attacks, including a child.

Officials do not yet know the motive.