Majority Of CA College Students Think Pandemic Will Prevent Them From Graduating

Matt Bigler
May 29, 2020 - 5:36 pm

    A majority of California college students think the coronavirus pandemic will prevent them from graduating. That's the eye-opening results of a new statewide education poll. Three out of four college students in the Golden State say the pandemic is taking a "heavy toll" on them. That toll is being felt not just academically, but emotionally and financially.  Sadia Khan - a senior at UC Berkeley - says she's been feeling study-in-place stress.

    “It’s been stressful, it’s been sad, but we’re figuring out ways to survive,” said Khan.

    According to a poll by Education Trust, 75% of California students, and 77% nationally, are worried about staying on track to graduate.  Most colleges have said they will continue online learning in the fall semester, and while many students say they need the extra support that an open campus brings, some students are in no rush to return to in person learning.

    “My son is also high-risk, so for myself I’m looking forward to being online in a safe space,” said Cal Senior Grace Key.

    Students also said they were struggling to pay for food and housing with about half saying they were worried they might not be able to afford basic needs in the coming months.