Bay Area Volunteer Gardeners Grow Produce For Families

Tim Ryan
May 21, 2020 - 9:16 pm

Teams of volunteer gardeners are taking over plots of unused land on the Peninsula, and turning them into green. The organization is called Each Green Corner, and is growing vegetables for the elderly and low income. Founder Sandy Nierenberg has been pulling together volunteers, with or without green thumbs, to build gardens in schools, in people’s yards, or wherever they fit.

“They also use all this unutilized land, they keep it maintained, so that’s better for the seniors and the neighborhood,” said Nierenberg, “we use that to grow a ton of produce that’s going to families and other residents who really need it right now”

They clear weedy patches, work the soil, build planters, haul soil, plant, tend the gardens, then harvest them. Volunteer Sam was hauling rich black soil in a wheelbarrow in San Carlos.

“Our culture is so work-centered that we spend most of our time working,” he said, “right now I’m not working, so I have the luxury of having time that I can donate to others.”

Everyone on the team says volunteering right now is its own reward.