Bay Area High School Seniors Adapt To Uprooted Senior Year

Megan Goldsby
April 07, 2020 - 10:41 pm

The state’s Superintendent of Public Instruction has a message for one group of students in particular, that’s the graduating seniors. The message is: ‘you can still graduate’ says Tony Thurmond, the state's top education official.

“You will be able to pursue college or any form of post-secondary education,” said Thurmond,”and I want to commend our students in the class of 2020, I want to commend their families for your perseverance.”

For Katie Wheeler, a Senior at San Rafael High School, the uprooting of the school year took a toll.

“I was definitely very devastated,” said Wheeler, “I actually cried for a whole night just because we kinda just got our senior year ripped away from us.”

What Wheeler says she’ll miss the most is seeing friends in the hall that she may not keep up with when they all go their separate ways. She’s headed to the University of Colorado Boulder, and is pleased that a homeschooled end of the year doesn’t affect that, but she still has concerns.

“I’ve kind of worried about what’s going to happen for colleges next year, I’ve just heard that colleges might not be the same next year with the same schedule,” said Wheeler, “so I’m kinda worried about that, but definitely excited.”

Her friend and classmate Aiden Vondep, who’s still choosing exactly which college he wants to attend, says he does feel a little cheated.

“Two months left in your senior year, you get to kinda hang back a little bit and just have fun, all the work’s over,” said Vondep, “Senioritis did kind of play a big deal in not really doing most of your work and procrastinating.”

Some things about being a senior in high school never change, even in a year as odd as this one. San Rafael High School has rescheduled it’s graduation for August.