Bay Area Counties Recommend Face Coverings For Everyone

Holly Quan
April 03, 2020 - 7:08 am
Hand made cloth masks

Getty Images

Guidelines are expected to come soon from the White House on face coverings, but Bay Area counties started recommending that all residents use something to cover their nose and mouth while away from home.

Key to this is the term ‘face coverings’ rather than masks. Doctors don’t want people using surgical masks or N95 masks, which they say should be going to the frontline healthcare workers due to the short supply.

“You can buy reusable masks on Amazon or Etsy for just a couple dollars, there’s a lot of craft guilds opening up for people making them for everyone else for free,” said Yale Professor Dr. Shan Soe-Lin, “if you don’t have any of those, use a scarf, but you can use any cloth covering just to tightly cover your mouth and your nose.”

Doctors recommend doubling up on thinner material like a bandana to ensure adequate protection, as well as to remember to wash the facial protection. For the crafty, fabric stores have patterns and equipment to sew masks and will even run some of that equipment out to your car.