BART Struggles With Evicting Pigeons From Station

Matt Bigler
September 04, 2019 - 10:57 pm
Pigeons have become a nuisance in the Powell Street station and BART officials may try to drive out the protected birds.

Matt Bigler/KCBS Radio

BART already faces issues with cleanliness. But to top it off, some stations seem to be plagued by pigeons. Now the agency is taking steps to make the birds shake a tail feather in one San Francisco station.

Pigeons are a common sight in the Powell Street station, flying around and roosting in the ceiling above the fair gates. 

One BART manger said stations may use leaf blowers to try and force out some pigeons.

Complicating the matter is that pigeons are protected by fish and wildlife regulations. BART has said it will not remove any birds that have eggs or chicks.

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Portions of the station’s ceiling will remain uncovered until the pigeons can be rousted from their roosts.

Many passengers are well aware of BART’s bird debacle. Jessie Norton said she’s seen pigeons in stations for as long as she’s been riding.

“I’ve never been bombed, but I think they recognize someone who would be good not to mess with,” Norton said.

Norton said she doesn’t have a problem with that, but she feels that the leaf blowers may spread dangerous particles that could get into the air and affect the well-being of passengers.